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Tel: +34 622 686 015

The Structure

1. A prefabricated, custom sized fiberglass "starry" vault or dome with rounded edges.
2. A frame for either provided with RGB lighting.

Within this area, there are flat outlets for lights (between 80 to 100 single LED within one square meter). Instead of optic fiber we provide LED of the ultimate generation yielding a capacity of approximately 70,000 hours. Each light center acts independently yet only a single source feeds all the stars. The panel may be operated by remote control including a tablet or a Smartphone.

Our panels are tinted in a deep blue matte finish but other hues and values may be obtained (a paint sample provided by the client would be in order or we could supply some for customer approval).

We also are capable of installing a "rain of meteors" or a "shooting star" with a control module starting.