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Tel: +34 622 686 015

What we Do

Many of us dream of lying down under a cloudless starry sky,
gazing into the depths of the night, and falling asleep under
the twinkling stars.

We can make this possible for you in your home by creating
a ceiling which will indeed give the illusion of a star-spangled
night sky.

Why is it worth your while to choose our product?

There are many good reasons:

•    It is created and installed as a single light element.

•    It is mounted into the ceiling easily and quickly, minimizing
      time and inconvenience.

•    In use, the illumination of the periphery and of the stars is
      controlled remotely by hand.

The DMQsky panels are designed for fixing to any kind of ceiling,
fixed or suspended. In the case of a fixed ceiling, the ceiling is
lowered by 15cm. surrounding the installed structure.

If required, a suspended ceiling can be installed.

A DMQsky panel can be installed in a living-room, a bedroom,
a bathroom, in a reception area, in a hotel room, in a
rehabilitation theatre, or in any place imaginable.